Saturday, April 9, 2016

Stunning book coverS
Your book is important to you. But the hours you spend researching, writing, editing, and perfecting your piece of art are only the beginning. The next step is marketing so that your book gets noticed. It’s a competitive market out there and the most crucial part boils down to one thing: your cover.
That’s where we come in. With over 20 years experience, we will create a compelling visual that will make readers take a second look. How do we do it? By turning concepts into powerful and effective imagery through the use royalty-free images and original illustration. Our designers are talented and professional. It’s why we can guarantee 100% satisfaction.
The process is simple. Just place your order by writing to us at bookcovers028 at hotmail dot com. State: (1) the title of the book; (2) the elements you'd like used; (3) genre; (4) the book description; and (5) any photos or covers that you'd like it to resemble. Once we receive the information, you’ll be immediately assigned to one of our artists who will contact you with a price. You'll be required to pay one-half upfront and the other half after you receive your order. Based on your wish list and preferences, you will receive at least 2 cover options within 3 days after we receive payment. After that, you’ll receive your cover within 14 days. At that point, you may request changes and edits. When we receive your final approval, we’ll provide you with a high-res JPEG, GIF, and a 3D rendering (free of charge) that are ready for uploading and use.

Our Services
Book cover design/illustration, book trailers, branding are our specialty, but we have expanded into running media marketing campaigns. They include handling Facebook ads that drive sales and add readers to your mailing list.

We at BOOK COVERS AND MORE pride ourselves on maintaining competitive pricing while ensuring our customers receive the highest quality possible.

Book Cover Design

In the book world, first impressions
are everything. It’s why we
create stunning visuals that
are designed to capture a reader’s attention in the very competitive literary marketplace. We want your work to stand out and get noticed. We think that’s what you want, too.

Book Trailers

We love video! And you will, too, once you see what we can do in that medium.
Trailers are excellent marketing tools. Please ask us about the option to create short videos for use in effective FB ads. It’s a wow factor that will have readers clicking download. Simply put: videos will bring your story to life.


Your online presence should reflect
who you are. It should be seamless,
and readers should have no problem distinguishing your uniqueness from the crowd. It’s a difficult obstacle, but one that is necessary for success. Let us make it easy. We will translate what you are into websites that readers will want to visit. And by integrating email sign-ups into the design, you’ll be growing that mailing list as you gain readers.

We at BOOK COVERS AND MORE pride ourselves on maintaining competitive pricing while ensuring our customers receive the highest quality possible.